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Quality comes from product testing

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UV accelerated aging test machine
: Mainly used to simulate the sun, moisture and temperature damage to the material; material aging, including discoloration, loss of light, reduced strength, cracking, peeling, powder and oxidation. UV accelerated aging test machine by simulating the sun, condensing, imitating the natural damp, the sample in the simulated environment for several days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor may be months or years of damage occurred.



Precision salt spray test machine
: In its volumetric space with artificial methods, resulting in salt spray environment to the product of salt spray corrosion performance quality assessment. It is compared with the natural environment, its salt spray environment chloride concentration, can be the general natural salt spray content of several times or several times, so that the corrosion rate greatly improved, the product salt spray test, the results The time is greatly shortened. Such as in the natural exposure to the plastic wood products and fastener samples to be tested, to be corrosion it may be 1 year, and in artificial simulated salt spray environment test, as long as 24 hours, you can get similar results.

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