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Alibaba: forest-wpc.en.alibaba.com
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Xi Jinping redefines Chinese manufacturing


Xi Jinping redefines Chinese manufacturing

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【Learning】 When reading contemporary China, Made in China is an excellent window. What is the change in Chinese manufacturing? What kind of future will China make? Xinhua News Agency "learning when the" column launched "Xin Zhiping" financial media comments, combined with General Secretary Xi Jinping important discussion, with you to think about China-made transformation and upgrading of the road. 
Starting from the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Xi'an, G2017 high-speed rail train all the way to speed, from 100 km per hour quickly rose to 300 km, after Lanzhou, Urumqi, Alashankou, has been open to Astana ... ...
During his visit to Kazakhstan, President Xi Jinping visited the China Pavilion at the Astana Special Expo, inviting President Nazarbayev to experience high-speed rail driving. In the extraordinary power and technology to create the space-time experience, people once again feel the charm of China's high-speed rail. In fact, the "future energy, green silk road" as the theme of the China Pavilion, showing the "one way along the way" the construction of the green future, impressive.
In today's world, the definition of many things is being rewritten. Since the reform and opening up, "MADEINCHINA" marked with the flow of goods, information flow agitated the world, become widely known Chinese symbols. Today, when the world with a new look at China, the Chinese-made image is also quietly changing.
Not long ago, from the "one by one along the line" along the 20 young people, the vote out of the hearts of "China's new four inventions", China's high-speed rail topped the list, became the most foreign youth want to take home "Chinese specialty." The international market, with Huawei, millet, Lenovo, Gree, Xinjiang and other representatives of the Chinese brand as the sudden emergence of cost-effective, high-tech products to participate in the competition, with more and more "fans." Whether it is people's consumer experience, or news reports, are increasingly clear to show such a trend of the times: Made in China is the quality, quality, innovation and other keywords engraved on the nameplate. As the British Broadcasting Corporation reporter lamented: "China is no longer the country that can only mass produce other countries' innovative products."
"To promote China's manufacturing to China to create a change in China's speed to China's quality change, the Chinese products to the Chinese brand change." Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important discourses on China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading. From which people can find the way to break through the break, you can experience the creation of a new era of Chinese-made definition.
Made in China, when innovation is the soul. "A place, a business, to break through the bottleneck of development, to solve deep-seated contradictions and problems, the fundamental way lies in innovation, the key depends on scientific and technological strength." China has become the largest manufacturing industry, but not strong, low added value The problem is still prominent, the main crux lies in the lack of innovation, science and technology content to be improved. The development of the times has already given enterprises a new survival baseline - but innovators enter, but innovators are strong, but innovators win.
In recent years, Huawei and other Chinese enterprises have been the rapid rise, with its high degree of emphasis on research and development, long-term investment in a lot of real money for innovation is closely related. The face of a new round of technology and industrial revolution, innovation is the soul of national progress, but also the development and expansion of the soul of the enterprise. An entrepreneur said: innovation is not to defeat the opponent, but with tomorrow's competition. Deep plowing innovation soil, bid farewell to rely on low-cost competition of the old road, the development of the basic point of innovation, so that enterprises truly become the main innovation, the Chinese manufacturing to win the market and win the future.
Made in China, when the quality of life. "To establish a strong sense of quality first, to carry out quality improvement action, improve quality standards, strengthen the overall quality management." No good quality, manufacturing power can not stand up. From the development of the law, when the economic and social development to a certain extent, the transformation and upgrading of the economy, the people's consumption upgrade, will inevitably require the revitalization of the quality of the national strategy to plan and layout.
"Made in China 2025" implementation of two years, to seize the quality of the construction of this lifeline, a comprehensive solid product quality basis, and achieved initial results. Not long ago, a man named "China made bulletproof board completely do not match the story of the show" video on the Internet hit. Even in the eyes of the more discerning foreign consumers, the quality of Chinese products have been past, with old eyes to see "Made in China", inevitably embarrassed. But should also be soberly aware that China's manufacturing to take the road to the development of quality only to open the head, the front long way to go. "Quality first" should not only become a social consensus, but also should be from the enterprise to the general participation of consumers in social action. Like the same emphasis on quality of life, artisan spirit forging the world brand, the Chinese manufacturing talent to rejuvenate the vitality of the new, continue to bring the world a new surprise. This is also the supply side of the structural reform of the important focus lies.
      Made in China, when the talent as a fundamental. "Innovative drive is essentially talent-driven, who has a first-class innovative talent, who will have the advantages and dominance of technological innovation." Internationally, the "Made in Germany" has been enduring, with its large number of first-class skilled workers, developed vocational and technical education inseparable. From our reality, the constraints of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading of a bottleneck is the talent short board. Building a strong power, the need to cultivate and create a sufficient number of well-structured, good quality, dynamic manufacturing talent team, to achieve China's "three-step" strategic objectives and lay a solid foundation for talent. Ten years of trees, a hundred years tree people. Compared to technology research and development, product innovation, this process more need to set strength and patience, but also more call the business community, education and government departments and other parties to work together.
"I heard the Chinese brand this four words, you first think of what?" Harvard University in the United States at a forum venue, the host to ask the audience. A student replied: chance. Reform and opening up nearly 40 years, China made from the "three to fill a" start to grow into a world-wide "world factory", reflects the integration of China and the world, the common development of the era of the process. Looking to the future, from the manufacturing power into a manufacturing power, rising in the global value chain, which is China's new opportunities, it is the world's new opportunities.