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Add : No.26 Xufeng Road, Yixing, Jiangsu, China. 214200    
Alibaba: forest-wpc.en.alibaba.com
Tel : 0510-87023888
Fax: 0510-87023555
Whatsapp : +86 13812205500
Skype : frstechwpc
Mail : info@wpcforest.com




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FRSTECH WPC STOCK CO.,LTD.is located in the scenic Taihu Lake in Yixing City, Xu Xu she hi tech Development Zone, east of Taihu, north of the Yangtze River, 104 National Road, Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, tin Yi Expressway,the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed. The geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient. The company covers an area of 150 acres, focus on R & D and production of new wood plastic environmental protection material.      
Forest strong economic strength, advanced equipment, has perfect plastic wood products production line and production technology, product development ability and production capacity is strong. The company mainly produces outdoor floor, fence, house The top platform, bridge, pavilion, the ladder pedal, outdoor tables and chairs, balcony, corridor villa landscape, flower, advertising signs, wall panels, PVC indoor and outdoor architectural decoration materials; all kinds of transport and export packaging tray Disk,the warehouse lay plate. The company has a high level in all aspects of the production process, design management,professional and technical personnel of high degree, the production process of continuous innovation, and aims to provide a naive, prices for domestic and foreign users The low-cost, superior performance of new outdoor environmental protection building materials.
Forest wood is green energy saving and environmental protection products, products with natural wood Road, color, texture and high molecular material unique waterproof, fire, anti moth, anti ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, paint free One time forming characteristics, recyclable reuse. Fryson wood has advantages of aging resistance, no corrosion, no cracking, no deformation, no waste, no maintenance, big bearing capacity, long service life etc.. Our products can be Planing, nail, drill, cut, adapt to any different specifications of hardware accessories. Beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient maintenance, time saving and labor saving, high Xiaojie, can meet different customer needs.
Our principle is: "leading technology, strengthen management, is committed to achieving the best quality, the most inexpensive price, the latest features, the best service, meet the needs of users". The company all staff of enterprises With full confidence in the development of the industry, we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign new old friends to visit us.